Customer Testimonials

I would like to say that after hiring Chris Biggers it has made my 
job 10 fold easier. Chris is not only very dedicated worker but
 well organized. After dealing with other programmers/engineers
 in CNC and machines Chris has not only saved us time but also
 saved our company thousands of dollars in a short period of
 time. In my personal and Business opinion when it comes to
 having the perfect part made for prototype or production he 
is at the top. Our fast pace growing business is very pleased
 to have Chris Biggers Managing our  CNC machines, programing 
and employees at  Obsession Bows LLC.  
President Obsession Bows , Dennis Lewis 

Marks Machinery has been doing business with Cyclone Machine

 for many years and I find that Chris Biggers is the most 

knowledgeable machinist because he is a “thinker.” Chris knows

 the practicality of and the purpose of the parts that he produces.


When I want to have new parts machined, Chris is the man I go to.


George Marks CEO

Marks Machinery